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Oughtibridge Ward
Covering Oughtibridge


Mrs Terry Barrow - tbarrow@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Mr Nigel Clark - nclark@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Mrs Jenny Morton jmorton@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Stannington Ward
Covering Stannington, Dungworth, Storrs


Mrs Penny Baker - pbaker@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Mrs Mavis Butler - mbutler@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Mr Chris Carter - ccarter@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Mr Matthew Gray - mgray@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Mr Stuart Shepherd sshepherd@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Wharncliffe Side Ward
Covering Wharncliffe Side and Midhopestones


Mr Stephen Bennett - sbennett@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Worrall Ward
Covering Worrall, Loxley, Wadsley Park Village, Ughill and Bradfield


2 vacant seats

Mrs Vickie Priestley - vpriestley@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Mrs Karen Southwood - ksouthwood@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Council Profile

The Chair of the Parish Council for May 2019 to May 2022 is Councillor Stephen Bennett.

All thirteen Councillors are unpaid but the Parish Council employs a part-time Clerk/Finance Officer; a part-time Assistant to the Clerk; a part-time Parish Archivist; two part-time caretakers; two full time groundsmen and a full time assistant groundsman.

Councillors are elected every 4 years and the next election is in 2023.

There are 2 Committees which have delegated powers to act, these being Finance and Staffing committee and the Assets, Community and Environment committee.

The Parish Council offices are at Mill Lee Road, Low Bradfield and are open to the public Monday to Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm. The Council has the powers to raise income by means of a precept levied on households in the parish and this is collected together with the Council Tax by Sheffield City Council.

The Parish Councils precept and expenditure is monitored annually by independent auditors.

The Council provide funding for local projects such as the Christmas trees and Illuminations in 12 locations around the Parish. They also operate Birtin cemetery, run the public toilets at Coronation Park and Low Bradfield and maintain play equipment in Oughtibridge, Storrs and Dungworth.

The Parish Council have partnership agreements with Action for Stannington and Steel Valley Project for maintenance and improvements around the Parish and with Oughtibridge Gala Events and Donations Charity for activities within Coronation Park.

The Parish Council also award grants to many other local groups/projects.

Previous Chairmen of Bradfield Parish Council

Records of meetings exist as far back as 1894, when until approximately 1910 it would appear that Chairs were elected at each meeting held and not for a years term. Records also suggest that sometimes, only one or two meetings were held yearly.

From 1910 the Chairman was elected annually.

Please click below to see a list of previous Parish Council Chairs

past Chairs of BPC as at May 2019.pdf


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